We are the Illinois Pirate Party, the Illinois state chapter of the United States Pirate Party.

We have officially launched our website, one of the many steps to officially be recognized by the USPP as a member state.

What does it mean to be a member state?

  • Being recognized at a member state gives us full access to the resources of the USPP, including all the help and assistance that comes with it.
  • The continental United States is as large as continental Europe. Here, it’s the equivalent of Pirate Party of Europe being the starting entity, while trying to get countries to join. It’s an uphill battle, but becoming an official state helps the USPP grow.

We are currently located out of the City of Chicago, but are seeking representatives from all sections of Illinois. The ILPP seeks to form at least five local branches, namely being:

  • Chicagoland Pirate Party
  • Metro East Pirate Party
  • Little Egypt Pirate Party
  • Central Illinois Pirate Party
  • Northern Illinois Pirate Party

These are goals of the ILPP to establish said branches, but these are not set in stone. Names and locations are liquid (no pun intended), any Illinois volunteers that wishes to form a more specific chapter (ex. Rockford Pirate Party or Quad Cities Pirate Party), please reach out.

Planning to run for office? Why not the ILPP? The United States Pirate Party is seeking candidates, and as of 2021, the only federal candidate running as a member of the USPP is from the ILPP. Why not join in and ride the momentum moving into the 20s?

Our meetings are the first and third Wednesdays of the month, with local branches meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays. Meetings take place via IRC using the channel #ilpp. Jitsi will be used for the IL Pirate Conference and may also be used for meetings and casual meetups. Discord being the primary communication source for IL and US Pirates. In-Person meetings may be organized at the local level.

We need help drafting a platform, join and help create Pirate history in Illinois and the USA!

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