As was the case with the platform, the ILPP wishes to wait until all local chapters have been officially established. However, the ILPP does stand for these core Pirate issues:

  • Human first policies – Pirates stand up for our fellow man and woman, defending human rights and fighting for the policies that benefit the common folk. Corporate personhood must end. Oh, and healthcare is a human right. We’re pro-M4A.
  • Copyright/Patent reformAh yes, the exciting stuff. In all seriousness, this is the foundations on which all Pirate Parties were laid. Every idea that is created is a product of society and will better serve society if it is shared and improved on.  These ideas can be computer algorithms and software, and Pirates believe in the open sharing of this software. Tired of videos getting flagged and demonetized on YouTube for 0.068 seconds of a copyrighted song? Want to enjoy Super Smash Bros. Melee on stream without Nintendo threatening copyright to take it down? Us too.
  • Party of the internet – the internet MUST be free and open, and the Pirate Party will forever be the ones to defend it. The internet is the 21st century’s greatest tool, access to information and ability to communicate worldwide at a moment’s notice. We recognize the importance of the internet.
  • Overturning of Citizens United – Pirates are about putting people before corporations. As such, we believe corporate money needs to stay far away and out of politics. Nothing is harming this country like quite like political corruption is and getting money out of politics should be of the utmost urgency.