The Chicagoland Pirate Party is a branch of the ILPP, and serves as a recognized branch for Pirates living in Wisconsin (Kenosha County) and Indiana (Lake & Porter Counties)

Chicagoland Pirate Party


The Chicagoland Pirate Party formed in 2020 upon the Illinois Pirate Party’s reformation that same year.


All positions sit as interim office holders until statewide chapters have been established.

Chair – Mitch Davilo

Vice Chair – Rowan T.





We shall be discussing platform positions starting the January 12th meeting. See some of the ILPP stances in the meantime.

The Chicagoland Pirate Party meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. We are presently seeking a permanent meeting place where we can have in-person meetings while livestreaming and allowing direct interaction with those who wish to remain online.

If you have a location you wish to suggest within the perimeters of Chicagoland, please contact us at