The following platform positions are all considered “interim” positions, suggested by chapters of the ILPP. Until all chapters of the ILPP are represented, all positions shall be considered ”interim” and subject to change and removal. Upon every chapter’s establishment, positions shall be voted upon and approved by unanimous vote. Non-unanimous decisions shall not be adopted.

Copyright and Patent Reform

In accordance with the United States Pirate Party platform, the ILPP calls for major reforms of patent and copyright laws.

The Founding Fathers created our copyright laws to promote knowledge & culture by giving the creator a limited monopoly over their creations.  Congress, under the influence of corporations, has extended the duration of that government granted monopoly to seventy years after the death of the creator.  Increasingly corporations have sought broader laws to ensure that they control and profit from more of our culture.  Through Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies they have locked down our culture, hindered sharing and criminalized their customers.

The Pirate Party will:

  • limit the copyright to five years for electronic media and fourteen years for tangible objects,
  • make sure that all non-commercial copying, sharing and remixing are legal and
  • ban DRM software.

There is no reason for copyright to continue until 70 years after death.

Everyone must have equal access to the internet, and the Pirate Party will foster network neutrality so that internet service providers cannot give preferential treatment to preferred web sites and we oppose three strikes laws that ban anyone from using the internet because of copyright violations.  The internet has the potential to be a new Library of Alexandria, if we don’t let corporations and government lock it down.

We seek the abolition of patents. The patent system stifles innovation by making it difficult to incorporate an existing invention into a new one. It discourages researchers from sharing their new ideas until after a patent application. It prevents hundreds of thousands of people in poor countries from receiving the drugs they need. Currently pharmaceutical companies spend only 15% of their revenue on new drug research. The remaining 85% is spent on activities such as marketing and profit taking. A reformed system would dramatically increase the money available for innovation, while removing the obstacles to innovation posed by the current patent system.


Autogestión, or “Self-Management”, is a means for institutions and communities to operate based on autonomy and decision-making capabilities of people. Autogestión, in all its forms, demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • It implies self-criticism, awareness.
  • It is individual and collective: Justice and Solidarity.
  • It criticizes all forms of despotism and manipulation.
  • It allows the creation of a more egalitarian society.
  • It empowers social, territorial and food sovereignty.
  • It shows the path of transformation of everyday life.
  • It is the spring of change in society.

Autogestión encompasses all aspects of our lives, including:

  • Ideological – Ideological pluralism is a good thing, not only because it represents respect for people’s freedom, but also because ideas constantly present society with other matters of dialogue, other visions that foster evolution and prevent ideological stalemate.
  • Territorial – We believe in a territorial model that must be built from the bottom up, in a totally democratic and supportive way, where peoples have the capacity to decide and can freely manage themselves.
  • Political – We consider the establishment of a participatory democracy at all levels, allowing citizens to make decisions in the politics of their community, essential.
  • Economic – We believe that the central pillar of the economy must be based on cooperatives, labor democracy where the management of the company itself is decided by the workers themselves. This concept autogestión allows workers the chance for greater say in the workplace. In this way, the workers will no longer be simply cogs in the machine, but allow all workers the chance to truly earn the fruit of their labor. All this must be combined with a democratic and flexible planning of the economy, with the aim of rationalizing it and orienting it towards the needs of society.
Secret Activities

The ILPP opposes, with rare exception, any secret activities or expenditures of funds of any government agency – state, federal or international. An open book is what the ILPP wants the government to be. We want the expenses and expenditures to be public, with open source availability to all those who wish to see how their tax dollars are spent.

Why does the government insist on operating in secret? The ILPP believes this practice must stop.

Rail and Steel

The ILPP believe the railroads shouldn’t be privately owned. All use and any profits made from Illinois railroads should go towards the benefit of the state of Illinois. Companies continue to profit of off private railroads when this income can benefit Illinoisans statewide.

Likewise, the steel industry is far too important to remain privatized. Steel was once a major job provider in this country, only to now be a product easier and cheaper if imported. Much of this is to blame on the private ownership of the steel industry. The solution: putting high tariffs on steel imports and supporting Illinois companies that train and provide steady employment for Illinois workers. We can make steel cheaper and just as efficiently if the state of Illinois owns the steel production sector.

Illinois Bullet Train

The ILPP calls for the building of a highspeed rail system, connecting Springfield with high speed, direct routes to Chicago, Rockford, Decatur, Peoria, Carbondale, Edwardsville, Quincy, the Quad Cities, Champaign and Bloomington-Normal. The public transportation of Illinois can be the envy of the United States and we can lead by example.

Our Platform will be cemented further once more members are added. Once the five local chapters have been organized, we will begin our official party platform. Join one of our state branches to help establish a statewide platform!

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