Run for Office

Is open & accountable government important to you? Is the increasing militarization of police the 10th step too far? Tired of the same people in office election after election? Local government not meeting your needs?

Be a Pirate candidate!

Thousands of local offices are up for grabs in 2022.  These elected officials oversee our tax rates, government spending, as well as make laws that limit competition, subsidize big companies, hide what what the government is doing, or make it easier for the police to spy on us. Find out what offices you’re eligible to run for using this great tool!

These races can be won and we want to help you succeed. Getting on the ballot is easy, and winning is in sight. If not you, who; if not now, when? Pirates are the everyday, working class man and woman. We represent real people. Fit the bill? Shoot us an email