Corporations are not people. The Illinois Pirate Party and its candidates only accept individual contributions from real people.

Your contributions to the Illinois Pirate Party means you’re willing to support people-first policies based on evidence, not party lines. You’re willing to stand up to the two party duopoly and say “Hey, I want more choices in this democracy!” We are the party of the working class. We are real people. Workers, not politicians. We are the 9to5ers looking to make a difference in our political world. We’re happy you’d like to be apart of that!

If you choose a one time donation, your contributions will be felt and appreciated! We cannot function as a democracy without choice, and you choosing to donate to us means the world.

If you choose to donate monthly, you will get an official ILPP membership card with your name, ILPP branch and “Member since” featured on the front! YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE TO GET A MEMBERSHIP CARD. Membership cards are also available to anyone who semi-regularly shows up to the biweekly IRC meeting and requests one.

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